“The Last Days of Leda Grey takes as its backdrop the early days of film, and peoples it with charismatic, enigmatic characters in a world that hovers between history and illusion. Meticulously researched and vividly told, it’s a richly evocative story, brimming with intrigue and suspense.” M L Stedman, author of The Light Between Oceans

“I loved The Last Days of Leda Grey, I was haunted by it … a memorable and spooky read.” Barbara Erskine, author of The Lady of Hay

“With words alone, Essie has magnificently conjured the flickering magical images from old reels and projectors … A Hitchcockian atmosphere of ‘encroaching dread’ and menace … I want to read it all over again, just to savour the words and the imagery they invoke.” Historia Magazine.

“This is a truly enchanting and magical book that will have you swooning.” Brighton and Hove Independent

“Fox’s considerable knowledge and obvious delight in this world make for a rich experience for the reader. She revives the exoticism, the surreal juxtapositions, the smouldering kohl-eyed and chiffon-clad sensuality, the crudely crafted magic tricks, the glee and the melodrama of these films. The intoxicating sense that everything is possible is there, but so are the personal disappointments. Indeed, it is the wholeheartedness of Fox’s imaginative reconstruction which is the book’s greatest strength … within this setting and its complex narrative frames the book delivers plenty of incident, supernatural mystery and page-turning jeopardy. An engaging read.” The Historical Novel Society

“Darkly haunting yet sparkling with magic – love it.” Isabel Ashdown, author of Little Sister

“Throughout, Fox’s prose style sparkles like diamonds laced with cobwebs, building a uniquely opulent world of the imagination. This is her best novel yet – with two timelines as focussed as twin spotlights, dazzlingly decadent imagery and a small cast of vivid and disturbing characters. I loved this book and recommend it to anyone looking for a delightfully immersive and imaginative spell in the past…” Martine Bailey, author of The Penny Heart, and An Appetite for Violets

“I enjoyed the sheer escapism of immersing myself in the seductive glamour of this novel brimming with mystery, menace and the romance of a bygone age.” Isabel Costello, The Literary Sofa

“Leda Grey is such a compelling character … it is impossible not to want to gallop through to the end and reveal all of Leda’s secrets. Really, I can’t say any more … Really. Argh. I really want to tell you. Just read it. You’ll love it.” Kirsty Stonell Walker, The Kissed Mouth

“Plotted with impeccable passion … a spellbinding novel where all may not be as it seems. Fox’s way of writing is a delight to read… the master of atmospheric writing…” Susan Roebuck

“A tantalising glimpse into the intriguing world of cinema history. Evocative and haunting, this story is beautifully told… multi-layered and hugely engaging. The characters are rich, mysterious and surprising and the setting is fabulous. Quite enchanting.” Random Things Through My Letterbox

“Intensely sensual … exquisitely written … heaving with imagination, atmosphere and drama …so much more than I could ever dream of. Bravo!” Little Bookness Lane

“Dark, haunting, compelling…equal to Daphne du Maurier’s novels. This book held me in its grip. Loved it.” Liz Fenwick, author of The Cornish House

“Mesmerising, sensual, haunting … Essie Fox you’ve written a blinder.  Loved it and sad to have finished.” Debi Alper, author,  editor, and tutor.

“Essie Fox’s best written work yet! I cannot convey how I fell in love with the characters, the setting, the music of the nineteen seventies, her descriptions … the story is ethereal in nature, gothic in tone, and dripping with gorgeous prose.” Kimberly Eve, Victorian Musings

“Unique and enthralling.” Swirl and Thread

“A fascinating story that at times gave me the cold chills. Very cleverly written in a unique and insightful way by someone with a real feel for that era and the gift of conveying atmosphere into words.” Mrs Bloggs Books

“Spent a sunny day hunched tensely over The Last Days of Leda Grey … Macabre, transporting, thick with atmosphere and allusion.” Morgan McCarthy, author of The House of Birds

“I have just read The Last Days of Leda Grey and have woken up in a haze of incense with a beaded shawl over my head … the flickering images, the shadowy figures, and the ghostly backdrop of Brighton … will tingle and chill you in equal measure.” The Booktrail

“Noir meets gothic in this fantastic book … a dark and brooding narrative that is bristling with suspense and atmosphere.” Book and Brew

“An intoxicating, bewitching, sometime sinister read. Essie Fox writes beautifully and immerses her reader in the story…” For Winter Nights

“Descriptions were amazing …really felt as if I was there in that house, both in the past and the present of the 1970’s. Very very clever!” Jenn Ashworth, author of A Kind of Intimacy 

“It’s hypnotic!” Kellie Jackson ~ Words Away

“Darkly sparkling. Very much enjoyed my days in Leda’s twilight world. Doubt I’ll sleep all that well tonight…” Anna Mazzola, author of The Unseeing

“Wonderfully creepy tale. Leda is a triumph.” Vanessa Lafaye, author of Summertime

“Bewitching, gothic, moving, atmospheric. Fascinating period. LOVED White Cliff House.” Will Dean, author of Dark Pines