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Dark, haunting, compelling…equal to DuMaurier’s novels. This book held me in its grip. Loved it.

Liz Fenwick

Spent a sunny day hunched tensely over The Last Days of Leda Grey … Macabre, transporting, thick with atmosphere and allusion.

Morgan McCathy


“I have just read The Last Days of Leda Grey and have woken up in a haze of incense with a beaded shawl over my head, and black and white photographs falling out from the pages of the book. Essie has created the bygone era of silent films ~ the flickering images, the shadowy figures, and the ghostly backdrop of Brighton … will tingle and chill you in equal measure.”

The Booktrail 



“Noir meets gothic in this fantastic book. Mixing past and present, dream and reality, truth and fiction, Fox creates an intriguing story that is packed with twists. Her command of language is wonderful, and will transport you completely into the world of the novel … Leda is a victim and femme fatale, a storyteller and the focus of the male gaze. Her secrets run deep and the way Fox deftly reveals them is the marking of a very talented writer … a dark and brooding narrative that is bristling with suspense and atmosphere.”

Book and Brew


 It’s hypnotic!

Kellie Jackson. Words Away


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 “Darkly sparkling. Very much enjoyed my days in Leda’s twilight world. Doubt I’ll sleep all that well tonight…”

Anna Mazzola